Massage and yoga on Camping Fuussekaul

Magical Hands Massage

This is a mixture of ayurvedic, swedish and deep tissue massage. It relaxes the body and mind profoundly, reduces chronic pain and muscleache and you'll feel energized and reborn after the massage. Works like magic:)

Head and face :10 Euro

 Short Foot reflexology : 15 Euro

Long foot reflexology: 30 Euro

 back massage :  25

Whole body short: 40 Euro

Whole body long: 60 Euro

All- inclusive Yoga

It is a multipurpose yoga class where you distress, stretch, strengthen and relax both the body and the mind and connect to yourself on a deeper level and your body and mind unit. This class is finished by life-changing gratitude, concentration and intention practices.

Every Saturday from 10h to 11.30h. For any cancellations check :

Magical yoga morning

2- hour workshop once a month on Sunday:

November 18th

December 9th

January 20th

 For the next Magical Yoga Morning class check:

You will learn a short and sustainable morning routine...(see descripton further below)


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