NEW: Snacks for in-between in our indoorhall

Don't feel like cooking and looking for a yummy snack for in-between? No problem at all!

In our new snackbar in our indoorhal you can find french fries, hamburgers, fricandels, croquettes and a lot more!

All snacks are also availible to take-out!

Opening hours

Our snackbar is open daily from 5pm to 9pm!

Contact details

Fuussekaul Snackbar in our indoor hall

4, Fuussekaul

L-9156 Heiderscheid

Tel: 00352 - 26 88 88 1



Camping Reenert
4 Fuussekaul
L-9156 Heiderscheid LUXEMBOURG
Tel.: (+352) 26 88 88 - 1
Fax.: (+352) 26 88 88 - 28

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